Friday, June 11, 2010

Ladybug Cake Ideas

Ladybug cakes that are super cute and serve as great birthday cake inspiration for kids birthdays!

Simple ladybug birthday cake with hundreds and thousands lollies.

Ladybug cake with a smiley face and legs, perfect for a second birthday.

Simple and cute ladybug cake.

Yummy flat red and black ladybug birthday cake.

Friendly ladybug cake with flowers and toadstools.

Lovely springtime birthday cake with ladybug as main theme with butterflies, flowers and bees.

Two tier ladybug topper birthday cake with butterflies, bees and flowers.

1 comment:

Lauren McCormack said...

Wow! These are awesome cakes! I have to bake a ladybug cake for my little sister's 6th b'day.
These ideas could come in handy :)

Keep on baking!
-Lauren :)