Saturday, April 7, 2012

Batman Lego Birthday Theme

I am considering doing a Batman Lego themed birthday for my 5 year old so here are ideas I have collected over the web to inspire me.

Let's start with the all important cakes!
Batman mini figure birthday cake.
Lego Joker, Batman and Harley Quinn Birhday cake.

Awesome Batman and Robin Lego birthday cake by Supermum's Cakes on the Gold Coast.

Joker Lego cupcakes for birthday.
Batman Lego game birthday cake.
Batman and Joker Gotham City Birthday cake perfect for boys.
Batman Lego mini figure pictures for reference:

Monday, April 2, 2012

Yo Gabba Gabba Birthday Cake

My little boy adores Yo Gabba Gabba. For his 2nd birthday I a going to try to make him a Yo Gabba Gabba Cake. Here are some birthday cake pictures that inspire me, hopefully they will inspire you too.

The first one is from Kempenfelt Cakes.

This next one was created by Cakes Unique by Amy.

Fun Yo Gabba Gabba birthday cake created by Plumeria Cake Studio in California.

The following cute brithday cake was created by Cmakes.

From Palermo's Custom Cakes in New Jersey we have this cool Yo Gabba cake.

50th Birthday Cake

Wonderful variations of the numerically shaped 50th Birthday cake.

First off we have this awesome 50th birthday cake in pink with orange flowers from Kim's Cakes.

From Hannah's Buns Blog comes this cute tigger themed 50th birthday cake.

Lovely white 50th birthday cake with gold stars, created by Bugalug Cakes.

And here is a variations perfect for a woman with white and gold flowers from Sewmuchfun.

A fun candy covered 50th birthday cake created by The Mill House Home Baking.

Another great idea is to use cupcakes to make up the 50 like this one from Cupcake's by Paolo.

and this one from Love a Cupcake.

Created by Sweet Laura's comes this 50 shape birthday cake in red.

This next one is from Sweet Crafty Cakes.

Little Charm Bakery created this version in pastel purple.

and this fun blue and green birthday cake is from Jellycakes.

50th Birthday Cake Topsy Turvey

Lovely 50th birthday cake for men or women in blue and black, topsy turvy style created by The Cake Maniac.

And here is a colorful variation on a topsy turvey birthday cake perfect for a 50th.

Created by See Through Silence is this purple, fun and bold 50th birthday cake.

From Melissa's Cakes comes this fun black and white 50th birthday cake.