Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Rainbow Colored Cupcakes

In this birthday cakes post we are going to focus on the idea of colorful rainbow cupcakes for your kids birthdays. There is something so special about cupcakes and colourful rainbow ones to boot! These ideas are guaranteed to put a smile on your kids face and all their little party guests!

I will be adding pictures and links of rainbow cupcakes. Some link out to actual recipes so that you can attempt to create these yourselves! Others are just images for some crazy, jaw-dropping inspiration.

First let's begin with this amazing recipe that is easy to follow and do yourself at home and has an absolutely stunning effect. This comes from Mama Clucks! These are just so bright!

The next cupcake rainbow idea comes from Surf n' Skate and this is what they said about creating the rainbow swirl icing:
I use generic baggies, make a frosting, color it and have a set of decorative 'pastry tips' (made of plastic) I CUT a Vertical hole in the bottom of my pastry bag for the use of the tips, add colors to each bag of frosting and go for it. It's simple and fun.

From sthcrft's flickr photostream comes these wonderful bright rainbow cupcakes!

From Piece of Cake - Cupcakes in Buenos Aires Argentina comes this great idea of creating a rainbow cupcake tower with each tier filled with cupcakes the colors of the rainbow, truly beautiful!
A closer look at the individual cupcakes:

Here is another recipe for rainbow cupcakes from over at Mindika Moments. And with this fab little recipe you can achieve these delights!

From Creative Cakes by Monica come these awesome cupcakes with rainbow icing and colored metallic streamers making it look like fireworks, so bright and festive.

For a colorful cupcake recipe made from scratch check out C and C Dish. They look amazing and do not rely on a box mix. Here is what they had to say about their cupcakes:
I frosted these with a basic buttercream frosting however I divided the frosting in three parts and colored the divided frosting red, blue and yellow. I then put the frosting side by side in a piping bag and piped the frosting on the cupcakes.

Another great recipe for rainbow cupcakes comes from RAWr-its-ASH on deviant Art and with her recipe you could create these:

Well we hope that you enjoy these scrumptious cupcake ideas!

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